The English edition of our high school Japanese history textbook has been released!

Now you know how to express that historical term in English!

for High School

When translating Japanese history into English, numerous historical terms present challenges to finding suitable English equivalents.Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider appropriate expressions for each term before proceeding with the translation process.

Completing the translation to produce a comprehensive history was an immense task, but Yamakawa Shuppansha, known for our high-quality standard Japanese history textbooks, succeeded and takes pride in the results.

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Overview of JAPANESE HISTORY for High School

Yamakawa Shuppansha has been publishing textbooks for over 70 years, since 1951. This book is an English translation of our standard Japanese history textbook.

As our Japanese history textbook enjoys a market share of over 60%, this translation represents an English version of what a great many people have studied in high school.

The English translation of our standard world history textbook, published in 2019, has proved highly popular, and is read by a wide range of people, from business professionals to school teachers.

We have produced an easy-to-understand translation by taking advantage of the detailed descriptions of the history of Japan.

Historical terms are also written in Japanese.

Indexes with both English and Japanese terms.

Increase knowledge and vocabulary of Japanese history

When you want to know how to express events in Japanese history in English, or when you want to discuss Japanese history with people from other countries, this book will help guide you through finding English expressions that will be understood by the other person.
Title JAPANESE HISTORY for High School
Editor Sato Makoto, Gomi Fumihiko, Takano Toshihiko
Kondo Shigekazu
Translator Rieko Kamei-Dyche, Andrew T. Kamei-Dyche
Price 3,300 yen (tax included)

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